Gobi Argali Hunting Program


Gobi argali hunts are conducted at one of our 2 different hunting areas, will be decided where to hunt depending on pre scouting results, altitude is about 3000 feet above sea level, terrain is small gobi hills, drive and glass in mornings or late evenings to find best rams, once located stalk on foot to shoot at usually 300 yards away, average Gobi argali rams are measuring horns with 45”-50” in length with 17” bases, 5 days hunt at the most, camp will be Mongolian traditional Ger, food is prepared by best chefs from the city, bottled water, guides, interpreter, helpers, driver with hunting off-road trucks. These hunts are organized within July 1st – October 1st, every year.

  • Hunt duration: usually 5 days, will be extended to 7 days if needed
  • Shot ranges: shots are 300 yards
  • Average altitude: 3000 feet